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Academy Graduation Requirements
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All players in Star Trek Simulation Forum (abbreviated STSF) start by joining the in-sim Academy. Those interested should create a character from the Star Trek universe so that others will understand how to interact with this character. After creating a character, the new player should attend an Advanced simulation game and ask the Command Staff to train during a standard sim plot. They should be on time so that the Game Master (abbreviated GM) can assign them a post on the ship for that hour. The schedule for these sims can be found on the Schedule page.

The goal of the new player, (besides having fun playing the game) is to graduate from the in-sim training and become a member of one of the advanced ships or stations in STSF. Once they have fulfilled graduation requirements they will be promoted to Ensign and asked to answer a questionnaire about their preferences for a duty station in an STSF advanced simulation. Further promotions occur as earned and assigned by the STSF GMs. The list of STSF GMs can be found on the Who We Are page.

Training graduates should take great care in joining an advanced simulation as story lines may often depend on their presence and participation once they are assigned a post in the advanced fleet. Regular attendance for advanced simulations is important for the story lines, promotions and character continuity.

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